Alpine Funding Partners is proud to offer an array of financial products to assist your business.  We have helped thousands of business owners , just like you, reach and even exceed their business goals and objectives with our funding options:

Short Term Business Financing

Short term financing is meant to alleviate time sensitive funding needs. Business owners seek short term financing to obtain the working capital that they need for day to day operations. The term “short term financing” is used because merchants repay the funds in about 3-18 months. They may need immediate funds to cover an emergency or take on new business opportunities. At times, cash flow becomes tight when running a business, so owners seek cash advances from alternative financing lenders. Short term financing is flexible and less restrictive than bank loans, making it easier for small business owners to focus on their company operations. LEARN MORE

Midterm Business Loans

Midterm financing is another great alternative funding option for small business owners. Midterm business loans offer business owners the fast cash that they need with flexible rates and a longer repayment terms, from 2-5 years total. Some small business owners are in dire need of quick funds with a longer term than short term financing. This is often used by merchants who will not have the repayment funds readily available in a short amount of time. This way, they are granted more flexibility with the time for repayment. These funds may be implemented on growth projects or any other purpose considered necessary. LEARN MORE

Line of Credit (LOC)

A business line of credit is one of the best financial tools that is readily available to business owners. This is a flexible short-term financing option for merchants who need working capital for an assortment of things. A Business Line of Credit (LOC) allows small business owners to withdraw funds whenever they need money, this way, they always have a safety net for emergencies. There is no penalty for the amount of times the merchant draws funds from the account. They can use it daily, weekly, monthly, or even once a year. This sort of financing is intended to keep merchants secured with the money they may need, and have it at their disposition any time. Lines of credit usually are repaid between 6-9 revolving months. While making use of the line of credit and making payments on time, small business owners will build their business credit over the repayment term. This enables them, in the future, to qualify for larger financing options. LEARN MORE